ROLL UP SHUTTERS are the most convenient and easiest to use of all hurricane shutters.  They provide effortless motorized or manual operation.  This type of shutter is permanently installed and rolls up into a box above the opening when not in use.  The average preparation time is as low as a few minutes for an entire house.


Roll up shutters were developed by the Europeans in the early 1900’s. Today, they are the most popular type of shutter throughout European countries; however, they are not used there for hurricane protection.  In Europe they are used on a daily basis for energy savings, security, privacy, or simply to keep the light out of the house in the middle of the day so they can take a nap at siesta time!


Shutter Tech, Inc. has redesigned and re-engineered the roll up shutter in the United States for use as hurricane protection, with all the added benefits of European roll up shutters.  The Maximum Impact® Roll Up Shutter is built with heavier tracks and slats designed and tested with interlocking features that allow the shutter to withstand the wind and impact of flying debris from a major hurricane. The Maximum Impact® Roll Up Shutter is the strongest roll shutter system on the market today and has a number of built in “Code Plus” enhanced hurricane protection features:

–     END RETENTION SYSTEM locks slats securely into side tracks, increased strength
–     TRACK ENTRY GUIDES hand crafted aluminum, maintenance free, fool proof, not plastic
–     VENTED REINFORCED SLATS for a secondary closed position that allows some light in
–     ALUMINUM ROLLER TUBE reduces corrosion of internal parts in the box housing
–     RUBBER TUBE LINING ensures a quiet and protective barrier for slats during operation
–     EUROPEAN MOTORS high quality motors available, years of maintenance free operation

The Maximum Impact® Roll Up Shutter is designed with the highest quality parts.  In addition to hurricane protection, they offer reduced energy loss by blocking out the sun as well as providing privacy, security and reduced noise.  They are also used to keep balcony or patio areas clean and dry.

Maximum Impact® Roll Up Shutters can be connected to remote control, home automation systems, cell phones, PCs, timers, sun/heat sensors, and other wireless devices.  Whether it is for windows, doors, patios, porches, pass-thru windows, or storefronts, Shutter-Tech, Inc. has a shutter to meet your needs.

– Miami-Dade County NOA
– Florida Building Code HVHZ
– Florida Building Code Non-HVHZ