COLONIAL SHUTTERS offer a decorative colonial style as well as hurricane protection.  They are side hinged and stacked on both sides of the window promoting the look of a Colonial Estate.  Before the storm arrives, the shutters are simply closed and latched with locking brackets.  The average preparation time is a few minutes per opening.

The Maximum Impact® Duraweld® Colonial shutter is an innovative welded shutter system that combines beauty, strength and durability.  Our skilled craftsman and quality manufacturing process assures its clean appearance and durable performance.  To insure years of lasting beauty, it’s first primed with state of the art Chromate primer, then finished with a super durable powder coating that’s available in over 100 colors.  The design goal was to have the look of a traditional wooden shutter with the strength and durability of reinforced welded aluminum.  It doesn’t have the industrial metal look of an aluminum Colonial Shutter product.  The Maximum Impact® Duraweld® Colonial Shutter has a number of built in “Code Plus” enhanced hurricane protection features:

–     WELDED MASTER FRAME adds heavy duty strength and durability with longer spans
     SEAMLESS FRAME one-piece continuous look with no visible screws or mitered edges
     WATER PROTECTION solid polycarbonate backing prevents wind driven rain from entering
     SEE THRU DESIGN clear backing allows light into the home during the storm
     CONVENIENT Z BRACKETS easy to store, doesn’t require bulky storm bars

The Maximum Impact® Duraweld® Colonial Shutter with “Code Plus” enhanced hurricane protection features is only available from Shutter Tech Inc.  It brings beauty, strength and durability together in a product that will compliment any structure.  It is also available in a decorative non-impact version and is exported worldwide.

– Miami-Dade County NOA