ACCORDION SHUTTERS offer you the ultimate value in hurricane protection.  When you consider cost and ease of use, it is no wonder accordion shutters are the most popular type of hurricane shutters.  This type of shutter stacks besides the opening when not in use and unfolds accordion style to cover and protect during a storm.   The average preparation time is 15 to 30 minutes for the entire house.  Not all Accordion Shutters Systems are made the same.

The Maximum Impact® Accordion Shutters are stronger than other Accordion shutters.  They are fabricated of high strength, thicker extruded aluminum alloy.  The enamel finish is baked on at 450 degrees to assure a lasting finish.  Assembly hardware is made of stainless steel and other corrosive resistant materials for an extended lifetime.  In addition, nylon wheels, stainless steel wheel carriages, and heavy hinged knuckles add extra strength and durability.  Not satisfied in just meeting the building codes, we went beyond them.  Maximum Impact® Accordion Shutters have a number of built in “Code Plus” enhanced hurricane protection features:

     UNI-BODY CONSTRUCTION unsurpassed strength and durability at the sides
    HEAVY DUTY RAILS thicker extruded Aluminum tracks on the top and bottom
    FIVE POINT LOCKING SYSTEM strongest center locking system of any shutter
    STRUCTURAL PINS fortified reinforcement front and back the whole length
    WEATHER STRIPPING keeps tracks clean, working smooth and quiet
    RAIN GUARD keeps wind driven rain from getting through your shutter
    PRECISION installation holes pre-punched at the factory to insure precision
    HIGH SECURITY available high security locking system for storefront applications.

The Maximum Impact® Accordion Shutters are the choice for property owners who want the highest degree of protection available. Operated from inside or outside, they are perfect for window and door openings on high rise buildings or large spans areas where the strongest possible protection is desired.

– Miami-Dade County NOA