HURRICANE PANELS are the most economical hurricane protection.  Available in aluminum or galvanized steel, they are removable and easily stacked and stored when not in use.  The average preparation time is about 10 minutes per opening.

Maximum Impact® Hurricane Panels were designed and built to provide exceptional strength, value, and safety.  Literally hundreds of hours of Large Object Testing at certified test facilities have proven the ability of these panels to protect windows and doors from the impact of flying debris that may be experienced during a major hurricane.  Maximum Impact® Hurricane Panels are available in high strength alloy aluminum and structural grade galvanized steel for the maximum level of protection you prefer.  Maximum Impact® hurricane panels have a number of built in “Code Plus” enhanced hurricane protection features:

–     HARDENED ALUMINUM ALLOY higher tensile strength, greater impact resistance
–     ENHANCED RIB DESIGN ribbed panel provides additional strength, added protection
–     QUICK HANG SYSTEM is the fastest and easiest to deploy of any panel system
–     SURE GRIP SAFETY EDGE on all Aluminum Panels assure safe and secure grip
–     HEMMED SAFETY EDGE on all Steel Panels for safe handling and sharp edges
–     OPTIMAL PANEL width of 12.5 inches covers more area with less panels


Our Maximum Impact® Hurricane Panels are available in wide variety track options and attachment devices and offer protection for any opening regardless of its shape, size or mounting condition.  Ceiling, wall, and floor mounts in various thicknesses and shapes.  The hardware can be with permanent or removable track anchors or direct anchors that work without tracks.

– Miami-Dade County NOA