Shutter-Tech Company Introduction

Shutter Tech, Inc. is the proud manufacturer of the Maximum Impact® brand hurricane shutters. Many authorities have considered our Maximum Impact® shutters to be the gold standard in the industry. Over the years, homes and business protected by Maximum Impact® have rode out major hurricanes with a minimum of damage, while others with inferior products, were virtually destroyed.

As a result of the lessons learned from previous major hurricanes, stricter standards for hurricane protection products were developed. Building Codes were adopted in many coastal areas requiring Hurricane Protection products to meet higher standards on all new construction. Our Maximum Impact® shutters were among the first to pass these rigorous tests, while others followed our lead.

Maximum Impact® brand shutters have been designed by Registered Professional Engineers and leading industry experts using the latest and most advanced computer technology. Literally hundreds of hours of High Impact Testing at Certified Testing Facilities have proven the ability of our products to protect windows and doors from the impact of flying debris that may be experienced during the next big storm.

Our Maximum Impact® line of shutters don’t just meet the new standards; it goes beyond them with “Code Plus” enhanced hurricane protection features built in. Maximum Impact® is the Shutter of Choice for hurricane shelters, emergency management facilities, State and County Government facilities, etc. But perhaps the greatest testament to their quality and strength is the fact that they have been selected to protect the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida.

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